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Decidedly durable.

Drop-tested and built to last, Cozmo is tougher than he looks. His 300+ parts are meticulously engineered to keep him alive for a long time to come.


These help Cozmo determine how far he has moved, as well as the precise angle of his lift and head. In order to pick up a cube, his position must be accurate to within 2 millimeters.

Face Screen

Cozmo's face is a
128 x 64 resolution display that can show off his many emotions.

Lift and Arms

Cozmo's arms are designed to carefully lift blocks and keep them balanced, but sometimes he prefers to use them to knock a stack of cubes over.

Backpack Lights

Cozmo's lights help show his status, whether he is charging or has been fed a spark and is eagerly trying to perform a trick.


Cozmo has 4 motors to move his treads, arms, and head.


Cozmo has a built-in speaker he can use to say your name, or to taunt you in a game
Decidedly durable.

Cozmo’s prototype history.

Cozmo V1

Big eyes and big open wheels were designed to emphasize movement and emotions.


Cozmo V2

To simplify the eyes, a solid head was introduced, which opened up the possibility to use a screen as eyes.


Cozmo V3

Reduced the robot size by 50% to increase his cuteness and likability.


Cozmo V4

Fine tuned all the design features to give Cozmo a complete look where proportions and details work in harmony.


Final Cozmos.

Classic Cozmo

Classic Cozmo


Collector's Edition

Collector's Edition


Limited Edition

Limited Edition



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