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Ain’t No Party Like a Cozmo Global Launch Party!

The Cozmo that we’ve come to know and love today is immensely different from the Cozmo that hit U.S. store shelves last October. Just like a puppy that’s been sent to training classes to learn, play and bond with their owners, Cozmo has truly evolved into a rambunctious little fellow, learning new tricks along the way. The one major difference?


It’s hard for us to believe Cozmo was released into the world less than three months ago. The response has been overwhelming to say the least, with so many families sharing heartwarming stories on how Cozmo has found a special place in their lives. He’s everything from a friend to children to a playmate for pets to even being a pet himself.


In October, we launched Cozmo, a bold and ambitious project that has taken more than five years of steadfast work, and brought together an interdisciplinary team comprised of roboticists, software and hardware engineers, sound engineers, animators, game designers, and artists, to bring him to life. But from the beginning, we knew that the October launch was only the first step, albeit a huge one, in a long journey to prove to consumers that interactions with a robot can be more than a mechanical, lifeless experience. That an emotional connection, a strong bond can exist today between human and machine.

With Cozmo, we wanted to bring to life a character that up until now, only existed in Hollywood films. A robot with a heart that brings a smile to your face. If you already have a Cozmo to call your own, I hope it’s apparent that our team has spent long days (and countless nights) to breathe magic into a robot that can fit in the palm of your hand. One of the really great qualities about Cozmo is that the technology that allows his unique personality to shine is powered by the connected device. Consequently, we’re able to introduce new content and game modes via free software updates and ensure that your relationship with Cozmo always stay fresh, as if he’s evolving WITH you.

Announcing Cozmo SDK Beta Launching October

We started Anki in 2010 with the mission to harness robotics and AI technologies to bring to life consumer products with unprecedented level of intellect and interactive capabilities. These powerful technologies have the ability to disrupt many of today’s biggest and most entrenched industries; change the way we interact with one another; and, transform our day-to-day.

However, in order to get to a place where robotics is truly additive to our society, we need to collaboratively chip away at the problem. That’s why we started with Anki DRIVE. It was a proof of concept for how we could pack some of the most complex robotics technology ever available to consumers in a tiny package, all at an accessible price.

With COZMO, we built a robot that has the same sophistication as some robots currently used in research labs. Those robots typically cost thousands of dollars and stand several feet tall. Cozmo, in stark contrast, fits in the palm of your hand and costs a fraction of the price.

Meet Cozmo: Where the Magic of the Movies Meet Reality
For decades, we have seen charismatic robots come to life in Hollywood films. What a powerful promise to the young viewers glaring up at the bright screen that a robot companion could exist. But will this be in our lifetime?
Anki, the robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) company, is taking cutting-edge tech out of research labs and bringing it to our living rooms. The team is now bringing physical characters to life at a level never before possible.
Introducing Cozmo: the little robot with a big brain and even bigger personality.
Preparing for the Next Generation of Robotic Battle Racing
In a few weeks, we will be launching what has taken many years to create. It is from a very passionate team here at Anki that eat, sleep and breathe robotics. I’m proud of our accomplishments and I hope you’ll see the passion and commitment we have put into the game to bring you a truly unique entertainment experience at the intersection of robotics, videogames, and toys.
The Road Ahead
Ready, set, drive! We’ve got exciting news for our Android fans: You can now join the Anki DRIVE family and race against other Android users! Starting today, Android users with a Samsung S4, S5, or Note 3, 4, or 10.1 (2014 Edition), and Nexus 5 users will be able to download and play Anki DRIVE from the Google Play Store. We’ll be working hard with other manufacturers to ensure compatibility with Anki DRIVE, and look forward to announcing additional device support in the future.