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1.5 App Update


Where’s Cozmo?

Cozmo’s learned a neat little trick; Peekaboo! Now he gets inspired to play when he sees your face. He’ll hide his eyes behind his lift, then pop out to see who’s around. If he spots you, he’ll want to play again. And again and again. Get ready to have some fun.
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In this upgrade, Cozmo initiates a short game of Peekaboo with players. He uses his lifts to cover his eyes and then slowly lowers it. When he sees a face he says “Peekaboo” and covers his eyes again.

This game is discoverable during Free Play mode and it can happen any time Cozmo recognizes a face.

Peekaboo is also available as a sparkable behavior. Players must unlock (and learn) the peekaboo sparked behavior before it becomes available in Free play.


Help Cozmo conquer the hiccups

It’s never easy being a little robot, and now Cozmo has the hiccups and can’t seem to shake them. He’s a little startled, and they make it hard to concentrate during playtime. He’s trying to figure out a cure, and looking to you for help.
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In this Free Play behavior, Cozmo gets a case of the Hiccups. Cozmo tries to go about his normal routine, but is constantly interrupted by a hiccup.

It can happen randomly (but pretty rarely), any time Cozmo recognizes a face is nearby (similar to Fist Bump or Peekaboo).

1.4 App Update


Cozmo’s All Shook Up

There are many things Cozmo does well. Flying’s not one of them. With the new 1.4.0 software release, Cozmo gets dizzy when you move him too quickly. A small shake leaves him woozy. A harder jolt and he’ll wobble as he drives. Shake him real hard and he’ll give you a piece of his mind. This update was not his favorite.
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If players pick up Cozmo and shake him in free play, he becomes dizzy for a short period of time.

There are three levels of shake for Cozmo to react too.

Each level is a combination of the force of the shake and the length of the shake. Each level has a different set of reactions.

  • Soft - Cozmo was only shaken a little, he’s dizzy but recovers quickly.
  • Medium - Cozmo was shaken up a bit, he drives around dizzy for a moment before recovering.
  • Hard - Cozmo is upset and scared after being shaken.

The build up is for real.

When it comes to stacking Power Cubes, Cozmo’s inspired by the wonders of the world. Left to his own devices, he just might start constructing his own Great Pyramids. And he can’t wait to show you how his monuments stack up.

1.3 App Update


Three’s company.

Now you can play Quick Tap with Cozmo and a friend! Hey, a little healthy competition among pals is good for you. The app makes it super easy to toggle between multiplayer and head-to-head modes.

1.2 App Update


Fist Bump

Want to show cozmo that you're proud of him? Give him a little fist bump! With this upgrade, Cozmo will hold his lift in the air and wait for you to bump it.
*Unlockable upgrade. Sparkable- Costs 2 sparks.

Big brain.
Bigger personality.

Cozmo is way easier than you’d think. No parts to put together. He’s ready to go out of the box.

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