Create with Cozmo:

Beginner: Sandbox

Make your ideas come to life.

Sandbox gives you easy, direct access to Cozmo’s advanced robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). Ideal for early creators, Sandbox lets you build projects by dragging and snapping together blocks to tell Cozmo how to interact and play. It’s more intuitive than learning the ins and outs of a text-based programming language.

Why Coding?

With Code Lab, kids can be creators — rather than consumers — of technology, empowering them with knowledge and tools to build, create, and customize their world.

As kids create their Code Lab projects, they use the fundamentals of coding to practice critical thinking skills, learning how to think creatively to design their ideas, and to troubleshoot and problem-solve as they test them out. After all, the best way to understand something is to build it.